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Regional Rebellion

por Ulisses Carrilho


"There's a pinch of regionalism and rebellion in every sip of cachaça (a sugarcane-based liquor) served up in Grupo EmpreZa’s Serões Performáticos. It's not just the drink that has a Brazilian flavor, but every action performed by the group possesses it. Their repertoire of materials and actions becomes universal by being particular. It was Tolstoy who once said 'If you want to be universal, start by painting your own village.’ The act of serving something established a labor relation, gave new meaning to an action that could only be understood as hedonistic. Another term that gains special meaning with Grupo EmpreZa? The choice of the word Grupo highlights their intention to remain a group. Being an art collective for them equates to deconstructing hierarchies."






Eu como Você

Matéria publicada no canal CURTA!


"Serão Performático" Como Chama, 2014.

Museu de Arte do Rio, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.

Grupo EmpreZa no MAR

Making of da exposição "Eu como Você",

no Museu de Arte do Rio.


A exposição aconteceu entre os dias 13 de

maio e 20 de julho de 2014. Assista!


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